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Tanning lotion 101

In the world of online shopping, please keep in mind of the tanning lotion you are purchasing. There is SO MUCH Freud out there. Major Tanning lotion companies like: Designer Skin, Devoted Creations, Ed Hardy,  JWOWW,  only sell to licensed Tanning Salons. If you are finding these products on websites like Amazon, Walmart, Target… These are NOT Approved/Licensed Tanning Salons, therefor you do not know what you are getting.

To many times we ask our customers where they purchased their lotion from. When we find out it was from an online site, we ask if we can test the product they purchase to one of ours. It’s amazing!!! Their product is thinner, different color even different smell. So what did you purchase? You don’t know!

When purchasing these products online, we don’t know what is in them. So many of these lotions will hurt our bed acrylics. When the Acrylic heats up, it will expand ever so slightly opening the pours. If you are using a lotion that has bad ingredients in it, (like oil) it will pernitrate into the pours of the acrylic and soon weaken it causing it to crack. Tanning Bed Acrylics are not cheap. 

If you hold a Membership at Electric Sun Salon & Spa, you automatically will receive a 20% Discount on our lotion purchase. (When purchasing your lotion, please let your receptionist know you are a member)