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Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning is a process where DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is applied to your skin. This chemical is colorless, but the amino acids in  your skin react turning them darker.

It my sound scary, but DHA is totally safe, it has no health concerns and has been used for cosmetic reasons for ages.

As colorless preparation spray is applied to your skin before the spray tanning solution to even out your kin’s pH, and create a smooth and even canvas for thee solution.

Add-Ons (ask your Spray Tan Technician about these add-ons)

DHA BOOST – Enhance Skin – Gives you a deeper, darker tan. Helps develop a longer-lasting tan and increases moisturization for optimal tanning results.

HYDRATION LIFT – Hydrate Skin – Gives you intense hydration. Hydration Lift is formulated with breakthrough Triluronic acid technology that reaches 3 layers of skin for up to 24 hours of intense moisturization to keep skin looking smooth and supple.

VITAMIN BATH – Revitalize Skin – Gives you ultimate skin health. Vitamin Bath is an amino acid & vitamin enriched spray treatment that revitalizes and hydrates the skin, Making it look younger and feel supple.

COLLAGEN BOOST – Boost Skin – Gives you improved skin appearance. Collagen Boost helps restore skin elasticity by smoothing the surface and prompting healthy cell renewal. 


If you’ve never got buck-naked in from of a stranger so they can Spray Tan your entire body with a cool brown liquid, don’t worry – it’s not as horrendous as you’d think. There are a few things that are very handy to know. though – like what the heck those sticky feet are for. Read on to be enlightened before you go glow.

It’s best to show up Foundation-Free

or you can remove your makeup at the salon. We do provide face wipes. Also use them to remove any deodorant, which may act as a barrier to the fake tan formula.

While the Spray Tan Tech waits for you outside the room, get completely undressed.

You can keep your knickers on if you wish, but if you do, we’d recommend option for something minimal, like a disposable thong. (we do supply these). Remove all jewelry and get to grips with the accessories provided.

Next, a hair net or turban

This will protect your locks (keep your ears out, no matter how silly you feel). Finally, sticky feet for your to step on – they help to avoid getting fake tan on your soles.

The Spray Tan Tech should ask you “How deep” do you want to go?

This is your chance to explain what you like; you could reference a celeb or show them a picture of how you tan on holidays. It also helps for them to know the occasion your spray tan is for, i.e. if it’s a 10-day vacation you may want to get a deeper shade so it lasts longer, or if it’s for a wedding the very next day, you may want to stay lighter so it looks as natural as possible in pictures.

Follow instructions on how to stand.

It might be a case of “left arm up, right arm forwards while you bend your knees” at the points, but while you may feel silly it’s easy to follow. Two all-over layers is pretty standard but again, this varies.

When you’re dry, you can get dressed.

You should ideally bring loose, dark clothing and nothing that may rub the tan off, like tight fitting closes.


Wait the appropriate amount of time to shower.
Unless specified by your technician, wait time is 12-24 hours after your appointment.

Using lukewarm water, rinse off excess tan.
Take a quick rinse off shower, do not use any soaps or scrubs. You will see a little color in the bottom of the tub. It is the cosmetic bronzer in the solution, your tan is still there.

Pat your skin dry.
You never want to rub at a spray tan. ALWAYS pat your skin Dry.

Heavily apply lotion / moisturizer to your skin at least 2 times a day.
It is important to keep your skin hydrated with a spray tan on. Moisturize through the day as you feel dry to prevent cracking and fading.

Avoid Spraying perfumes directly on your skin until after  your second shower.
The alcohol content in perfume can cause the spray tan solution to separate if applied too early. Instead, spray perfume on your clothing.

Before and after spray tan
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Spray tanning being applied