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Spray Tanning

A spray tan is a sunless tanning method where a fine mist is sprayed onto the body. This low-pressure spraying mist contains an important chemical called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that’s absorbed into the top layer of skin cells, causing a chemical reaction that darkens your skin.

It my sound scary, but DHA is totally safe, it has no health concerns and has been used for cosmetic reasons for ages.


Show Up All Natural!

It is very important to show up tp your appointment with nothing on your skin including makeup, deodorant, lotion, or perfume. It can create a barrier between your skin and the spray solution, and can cause issues with the spray tan solution adhering. 

What to Wear During the Appointment?

It is completely up to you! Some opt to wear an old bikini, others may want to avoid any tan lines and go fully nude.

Disposable bras, thongs, and nipple coverings are provided, or you can always wear your own undergarments.

How Does The Appointment Go?

Your spray tech will evaluate your skin type/tone, and your desired results and formulate your custom solution!

You will be sprayed in sections, and afterwards you will check in the mirror to make sure you’re 100% happy with your new tan!

You will be left to dry and put your clothes back on! Its as simple & quick as that!


Spraying and drying all together takes around 20 minutes, so you can have your dream tan in no time!


Wait the appropriate amount of time to shower.
Unless specified by your technician, wait time is 1-8 hours after your appointment.

Using lukewarm water, rinse off excess tan.
Take a quick rinse off shower, do not use any soaps or scrubs. You will see a little color in the bottom of the tub. It is the cosmetic bronzer in the solution, your tan is still there and will continue to darken over the next 12 hours.

Pat your skin dry.
You never want to rub at a spray tan. ALWAYS pat your skin dry.

Heavily apply lotion / moisturizer to your skin at least 2 times a day.
It is important to keep your skin hydrated with a spray tan on. Moisturize through the day as you feel dry to prevent cracking and fading.

Avoid Spraying Perfumes Directly on Your Skin until after  your second Shower.
The alcohol content in perfume can cause the spray tan solution to separate if applied too early. Instead, spray perfume on your clothing.

Before and after spray tan
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Spray tanning being applied